5 lessons for parenting in the digital age

Mashable has an excellent article addressing the etiquette of digital device use:

Parents of older children face challenges — for instance, whether it’s acceptable for their teen to text at the dinner table, or whether it’s tolerable for a teen to peer at his laptop when someone is trying to address him. Essentially, we wonder, just how much technology should be allowed in our lives and those of our kids?

Few parents are going to completely forbid their children from interacting with today’s amazing gadgetry. However, it’s essential that we focus on a conscious, rather than habitual, use of modern technology.

The article looks at:

  • Technology no longer has boundaries
  • Know when to cut it off
  • The difference between preference and addiction
  • Focus on technology that truly connects us to our kids
  • Model the balance.

Many adults have difficulties moderating online use, so it follows that children and young adults may also have problems. Guidance and discussion about the role of ever-present media in our lives is vital.

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