Click, and Facebook revises privacy

This recent article from The Age and Sydney Morning Herald explains how Facebook is sending incorrect information about you to your friends:

Facebook assumes the briefest click on an item is endorsement enough for sharing, making social networking much easier, or much harder to control, depending on your point of view.

One morning this week, Facebook told me a friend has used a dating application the night before, one called Are You Interested? It told not just me, but all those it recognised as his friends.

His nocturnal love-seeking business was announced automatically, without Facebook checking that spreading that fact was OK with him, and without checking it was true.

It wasn’t. He was not using it, but deleting an app he found irritating. Facebook’s new automatic settings are not concerned with niceties such as intention; he ‘used’ it, and the news was spread anyway.

Read the entire story here.

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