Google web safety tutorials

Kind of ironic, given yesterday’s iQ post about Google’s change in privacy policy, but Google have launched web safety tutorials that some parents, students and educators may find useful.

The ThinkB4U site contains videos and tutorials that guide users through a number of scenarios, ThinkB4U:

  • chat
  • share
  • act
  • multi task
  • respond
  • buy
  • search
  • send
  • step (developing and protecting a positive digital footprint)
  • text
Very useful tips for parents include:
  • it’s a lot more about humanity than technology
  • it does help to learn and use the social media tools your children love
  • just because it’s public doesn’t mean it’s worse
  • technology may have changed but values haven’t
  • critical thinking has never been more important or protective
ThinkB4U is really worth looking into.

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