Kids and Tech: Parenting Tips for the Digital Age

Social media blog Mashable has published a Q & A with Scott Steinberg, author of parenting book called The Modern Parent’s Guide. Scott addresses social media pitfalls in this interview.

Topics include:

  • How has technology changed parenting?
  • How can parents best protect their children from online threats while respecting their privacy?
  • A wide range of products monitor children on their mobile phones and the Internet. Where is the line between appropriate supervision and spying? Is there one?
  • What rules do you have in your house regarding technology use?
  • Sites like Facebook and Twitter technically don’t allow users under the age of 13, but many tweens lie about their age in order to sign up anyway. As a parent, should you prevent your children from signing up for such sites, even if their friends are using them? If so, what are some alternative sites they can use?
  • What is a reasonable amount of time for children to spend interacting with a screen each day?

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