Young people and technology: fear and wellbeing

Recently, ABC Radio featured a session on the wellbeing on young people using technology.

We hear a lot about young people and technology but how much of what we know is based on actual research? In this program we speak to some of the leading researchers in the field. We examine the connection between young people, technology and wellbeing, and question whether some of our fears about kids and technology are actually valid.

Guests included:

             Dr danah boyd; Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research and Research Assistant Professor in Media, Culture and Communication              at New York University.
Dr Amanda Third: Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Communication Arts Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney. Research Program Co-Leader, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.
Associate Professor Jane Burns: CEO of the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.
Makhala Swinson: Member of the Young and Well CRC Youth Brains Trust and Lifeline phone counsellor, Youth Ambassador, Photographer.
Maxine: Participant in the ‘Living Lab’ experiment.
Chris Pycroft: Participant in the ‘Living Lab’ experiment and member of the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre’s Youth Brains Trust.
             Nicole: Participant in the ‘Living Lab’ experiment.
Listen here. More information here.

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