The rise of the ‘twitchfork’

Recently The Age published an article about how the ability to comment on websites anonymously has revealed a worrying trend.

“Does the net exaggerate our views, or are these views that people really hold? Either way, perhaps we can comfort ourselves with the idea that they are a tiny but vocal minority,” BBC reporter Richard Bacon wrote.

“Or maybe this is what we are really like. Perhaps our day-to-day social interactions are the artifice, and these forums expose a dreadful truth about human nature. Could it be that deep, deep down, we just aren’t very nice.” Read more.

Part of building a positive digital footprint is using real names when commenting. However, it is still an issue as to whether children and young adults should protect their privacy by commenting anonymously. It’s useful to remember that the ability to comment anonymously doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse either the privilege, the author or anyone else.

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