New web spy powers

Recently The Age reported that the Australian, yes you read that correctly, government want our private data.

There’s a very strong chance law enforcement will soon have access to a two-year backlog of our web data and telephone history due to law reforms. But so could hackers and just about everyone else.

The “data retention” scheme, secretly put together over a period of more than two years by the Attorney-General’s department for its minister, has been given a push by Attorney-General Nicola Roxon.

The Attorney-General on Monday put the proposal to a parliamentary joint committee on intelligence security to review it, among other proposals. If passed by parliament, the proposals would be the most significant expansion of the intelligence community’s powers since the Howard-era reforms that followed the 2001 terrorist attacks

Read the entire story here. 96% of survey respondents disagreed with the government’s plans. What are your thoughts?

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