Rugby player Robbie Farah calls in police over vile tweets

Today the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Wests Tigers rugby captain Robbie Farah has had enough of vile tweets sent to him, he has not only called in the police, he has called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to take action over trolling:

We need @JuliaGillard to take some action and change these soft laws. people need to be accountable for their comments.

He continued to tweet:

We all need to make a stand and get these scums off twitter. The laws are p__ weak and people should be accountable for their comments.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell also weighed in, saying in a message to Farah he would support action being taken in the matter. ”shouldn’t matter who target is – completely unacceptable,” he wrote. ”Will follow up & happy to work with Feds to stop it.” The same Twitter troll sent several messages to Canberra fullback Josh Dugan yesterday. Farah’s actions in highlighting the offensive tweet and making a stand might prompt stricter laws around social media.

Again this week we users of social media have to take a long hard look at ourselves. If you ensure that you don’t tweet or post on Facebook anything that might offend your grandmother, then you’re pretty much going to be okay.

Read the whole report here.

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