Charlotte Dawson comes face to face with her Twitter troll

Last night, Channel 7 news broadcast a story where Charlotte Dawson came face to face with two of her Twitter trolls. One troll states:

“There’s real life you and internet you. Yeah I gain a bit more confidence on the internet,” he says.

Another trolls says:

“They’re just things that I say. They’re things that I say on twitter and twitter isn’t real life.”

While a third states:

“I don’t necessarily mean what I tweet half the time it’s what I, what it’s… What my twitter is, is basically just a bit of fun,” he told Charlotte.

To me, this is a worrying mindset – the belief that online life doesn’t impact on real life. It does. What you post can affect your employment, your relationships and can even be subject to police investigations.

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If you have problems with online bullying, visit or call Lifeline on 131 114.

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