How civilised are we?

Seth Godin, author, public speaker and entrepreneur recently wrote a very interesting blog post entitled Civilisation. He talks about how we want to me more civilised, but don’t spend much time talking about it. He says

The people who create innovations, jobs, culture and art of all forms have a choice about where and how they do these things. And over and over, they choose to do it in a society that’s civilized, surrounded by people who provide them both safety and encouragement. I’m having trouble thinking of a nation (or even a city) that failed because it invested too much in taking care of its people and in creating a educated, civil society.

My take on this short and very readable post is that to live and thrive in a civilised society, it needs to be, as Godin says, a place of ‘safety and encouragement’. I believe this ties back to making a positive digital footprint where we don’t troll or abuse, but use the space to encourage others and in turn, be encouraged by others.

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