Public vs private

Recently world renowned educator George Couros wrote a blog post about personal and professional use of social media as well as the concept of public vs privacy online.

And although written for an audience of educators, there are several points that students (and adults) can take from this post.

It is not that we can’t be ourselves online, but we should just be more cognizant of what we do there. Many of us, including myself, talk differently when we are around our closest friends and family.  I know that what you post online can take opportunities away from you, it could also provide opportunities as well.  I use the example often in workshops of two people applying for a job as a mechanic and one person writes on a resume that they can do an oil change, while another candidate posts a video on YouTube of them doing an oil change. Who would you hire?  In most cases, the one that has put their learning public and you know they can do the job (it still has to be good work), are at an advantage.  There are definitely some things that you want public.

Read the whole post here.


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