It’s privacy week

This week is Privacy Awareness Week, so it seems like a great opportunity to share some thoughts on how you and your family can have your privacy protected.

Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim spoke to ACMA Cybersmart and shares his advice for safeguarding your digital identity.

Here are some recommendations from me for protecting privacy online and when using smart devices:

  • Read the privacy policy of the social networking site or app — make sure your kids know what they’re signing up for. You can also tell them that reading the privacy information that is provided may also help control privacy settings.
  • Be careful about what information you give out — have your kids asked themselves what information is really needed or whether they can use a pseudonym?
  • Use the privacy tools available — make sure the anti-virus and anti-spyware software is up-to-date on your home computers and any laptops, and talk to your kids about updating their privacy settings on their social media.
  • Think twice before posting any personal information about yourself or others online — the internet is forever, and once it’s out there, it will always be there. I think it’s useful to encourage your children to think about whether they would like their grandmother, teacher, a potential employer or a future boy/girlfriend to see/read it.

The cybersmart post contains further tips, click here to access.

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