From safety to digital citizenship

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation has recently changed its tack with regards to their philosophy. CEO Judith Slocombe explains

We are moving from an emphasis on ‘safety’ towards an emphasis on ‘digital citizenship’;  citizenship as idealised by the ancient Greeks, where obligations to the community were seen as a source of honour and respect. This view of citizenry empowers its participants to be an ever-present, positive force.

For the ACMA, positive engagement is at the heart of digital citizenship, and similarly this is one of the core philosophies underpinning Alannah and Madeline’s, eSmart framework. Without positive engagement in a whole-of-society, behaviour-change approach, we are merely left with rules to follow, lines not to cross, and empty good intentions.

A culture embedded with positive values and high levels of engagement is inspiring. It will naturally foster conscious and informed decision-making (‘Choose Consciously’) and healthy appetites for finding out more about the world (‘Know your online world’).

This is an interesting change that acknowledges the need for our children to know how to navigate and contribute positively to the online world. Read the whole post here.

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