It’s complicated by danah boyd

iQ was fortunate enough to hear internationally recognised social media researcher danah boyd speak back in 2012 (click here to access all of iQ’s resources on danah boyd). Now boyd has a book coming out entitled It’s complicated. The blurb from … Continue reading

How parents normalised teen password sharing – danah boyd

Social media and internet researcher danah boyd (featured on this blog in posts entitled Parental stalking online ‘unwise’ and Privacy in networked publics) has researched the teenage phenomenon of password sharing. boyd says she has found the origins of password sharing, which … Continue reading

danah boyd – Privacy in Networked Publics

Last Thursday I was fortunate to attend a talk by internationally recognised social media researcher danah boyd. Here is a parallel post from my personal blog of what her thoughts are about teenagers, social media, privacy and being public. Her … Continue reading

What are parents afraid of?

Last week internet researcher and expert danah boyd asked her followers “what they’re afraid of with their kids’ use of social media. (Note: this is a biased crowd.)” Among the issues were: privacy safety influence of outsiders loss of control being … Continue reading

A parent’s pledge to raise a responsible digital citizen

Annie Fox, an American educator who empowers young people through increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence skills and stress-reduction strategies, has published a manifesto for today’s parents. Some of the pledges include: Social media is part of my child’s world. As a Safety … Continue reading

Parental stalking online ‘unwise’

Last week, The Age spoke with visiting social media researcher danah boyd about parents monitoring their children’s online activities. PARENTS should not stalk their children online, warns Dr Danah Boyd, a leading US cyber safety expert visiting Australia to lecture … Continue reading