Kew High School is pleased to help the school community come to terms with the impact of social media on the lives of our students. The information we will be sharing with you is intended to help inform and guide you and keep you up-to-date with the ever changing landscape of the impacts of technology.

Education functions best when schools and parents work as a partnership.  Internet use at home is very important for enhancing learning, but it can also impact negatively on the lives of students at school.  Some behaviours are beyond the control of the school, but the ramifications on a student’s education can be significant.  Online activity can result in lack of sleep, reduced homework time and place other students happiness and safety at risk.  At Kew High School we maintain a vigilant role in the digital use of students at the school, during school hours.  At home we would like to see parents establish similar boundaries and routines.

Parents need to set clear boundaries for internet use and clear consequences for transgressing those boundaries.  This could include having a family code of conduct or a set of rules regarding the use of the computer; placing the family computer in the living area, specifying the length of time allowed for internet play, blocking particular sites, and ensuring a high level of parent monitoring of social networking or gaming sites.  During this period we should be sitting with our children and talking about rights and responsibilities, appropriate behaviour; digital reputation, online courtesy and respect.

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