Malicious chargers can exploit mobile devices

The Australian government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Technology has reported in their email newsletter Stay Smart Online that some modified chargers for Apple products can exploit the mobile devices.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Apple iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, allowing a modified USB charger to compromise the device.

Researchers have demonstrated how connecting an iPhone or iPad to a specially built USB charger has allowed malware or unwanted apps to be installed on the device.

Once connected to the charger, the phone’s software essentially recognised the device as belonging to the attacker, enabling access.

A good tip is to always use official Apple chargers to avoid unwanted issues.

The loss of an entire digital life

A few days ago, Wired blog author Mat Honan published a post on how hackers accessed his Amazon and Apple IDs, which led them to hack into his Twitter account and then to wipe his iPhone and computer. It is a little complicated, but certainly worth reading.

This story should serve as a warning to those of us who have accounts ‘in the cloud’ where our private data such as addresses and credit card numbers are stored.

Deeper integration of Facebook in iOS6

A few weeks ago Apple announced that its next mobile operating system (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), iOS6, to be delivered in the Australian spring, will offer deeper integration of Facebook.

RWW explains the way the new integration will work such as:

  • Facebook events are integrated into calendars, and your contacts get Facebook connection as well.
  • In addition to more integration in iOS6 and OS X, Facebook integration will also feature prominently in Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store.
  • Users will be able to share products, including apps, movies, songs and television shows from the stores.
  • Apple will offer a public Facebook integration API.
  • Users will get a single sign-in for both Facebook and Apple.
  • As it previously did with Twitter, Apple will make it possible for users to post directly to Facebook from the Notification Center.
  • Easier sharing of photos to and from Facebook through Apple operating systems.
This could affect your privacy. Read more here and here.