Keep Track of Your Digital Footprint

Thanks to Kelly Tenkely for the following information on Google Me:

What it is: Me On the Web is a new tool from Google. Me On the Web is part of the Google Dashboard that allows you to set up custom Google Alerts for your name. This was always possible with Google Alerts but now those alerts are coupled with tips and resources for helping students manage their online identities. Now everything can be tracked from one central location instead of scattered around in different places. Me On the Web is easy to set up, but does require a Google account. Once you have one, just visit your Google Dashboard to get started.

It’s important for everyone, not just young adults, to keep track of their digital footprint (mentions of their name or username and the data on what a person has published/created/commented on in the digital environment). Google Me makes this simple.


This short video shows how social media profiles can affect you in the real world. Over 70% of employers have rejected an applicant due to their unsavoury online reputation. The recent London riots saw looters caught due to their bragging via social media.

The Grand Prize Winner in Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families “What’s Your Story” video contest. Keeping a good rep online is especially critical in today’s connected world. With just a few clicks, someone can see your personal life without restrictions. Expose yourself online, and you might as well expose yourself in the physical world.