Study finds inappropriate Facebook updates cost jobs

CBS News (USA) is reporting that ill thought out and inappropriate social media updates are costing people jobs.

24 year old Ashley Payne didn’t know that a festive photo of her holding both a pint of beer and a glass of red wine would lead to her losing her high school teaching job.

However, the ill advised use of social media is also denying some applicants job interviews:

According to a new report, turning down young job candidates because of what they post on social media has become commonplace. The report, by On Device Research, states that 1 in 10 people between ages 16 and 34 have been turned down for a new job because of photos or comments on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites.

Employers googling job candidates is the new normal. Constant self filtering is now required at all times.

Job screening with social networks

Although this infographic is 11 months old, it is certainly a startling reminder of how people we’re trying to impress can check up on our reality via social media. A whopping 69% of prospective employers have rejected an applicant after seeing something negative on their profile:


This would also be true of real estate agents screening prospective tenants and any other area where checking your credentials is vital. How will your digital footprint affect you?


This short video shows how social media profiles can affect you in the real world. Over 70% of employers have rejected an applicant due to their unsavoury online reputation. The recent London riots saw looters caught due to their bragging via social media.

The Grand Prize Winner in Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families “What’s Your Story” video contest. Keeping a good rep online is especially critical in today’s connected world. With just a few clicks, someone can see your personal life without restrictions. Expose yourself online, and you might as well expose yourself in the physical world.