Friending your boss may change hired to fired

Yahoo News has reported that although

1/3 of young people are friends with their boss on Facebook, over 58% of them still have less than desirable information on their profiles and 13 per cent of working Gen Y-ers in Australia admit to posting abusive content about their boss or company after a bad day at work.

AVG’s Australian security adviser Michael McKinnon said the level of comfort with social media was blurring the line between young people’s professional and private lives.

Although it seems that many people view their online thoughts as totally separate to their real world actions, many people reading offending posts or profiles do not agree.

The interview

ACMA’s Cybersmart has published this short video as a reminder about how what we post online could affect us. They explain:

Keep your digital reputation clean and think twice about posting pics…they could affect you later in ways you couldn’t dream of!