“Facebook’s power should worry us all” – The Age

An excerpt from the article published in The Age on 10 October.

If Facebook was a government agency, its power would be as undisputed as it would be frightening.

Even today Facebook continues to deny there is a problem with its tracking and is pushing ahead with “frictionless sharing”, whereby a user’s activities are published on their profiles without any prompting by them.

Both Facebook and Google prefer to talk about empowering you the user to exert control over your privacy settings, rather than what they are doing with your information and with whom they are sharing it. It’s all part of their quest to gain as much information about you as possible so that it can be traded for the purpose of helping more targeted advertising.

A small but growing number of people are withdrawing from Facebook and entering into a self-imposed exile but one wonders what it will take before the penny drops for the rest of us that we have willingly surrendered our identity to corporations that have a cavalier disregard to privacy.

Which raises the question – if Facebook and Google place a value on your identity then why shouldn’t you?

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