Joining your teenagers on Facebook improves your relationship

Although I’m sure many teenagers would disagree, the Huffington Post is reporting that parents who friend their teenage children on Facebook enjoy a stronger relationship than those who don’t.

There’s a new study out of Brigham Young University that says engaging with your kids on social media sites helps strengthen your bond. The study found that teens who were the most connected to their parents on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media felt closer to them in real life. Those teens were also less likely to be depressed, delinquent or behave aggressively.

However, article author Ann Brenoff states that

I am unconvinced of the value of parent-teen bonding versus the potential harm of a misstep by a kid on social media. Learning to use social media safely and appropriately is a process. Some kids get it and some kids will learn it the hard way. For now, I will continue to monitor my kids’ online gaming activities, perform spot Instagram checks just like the spot urine tests given athletes — all the while teaching my kids about what is safe and appropriate “sharing” with real and virtual friends. The Internet is full of land mines and parents shouldn’t need social media to talk to their children about it or anything else.

Read the whole article here.

Get your job through social media

The Huffington Post recently reported how valuable social networks are in helping users gaining employment.

Why not use online social networking and your digital footprint to help get your next job? Put your best achievements out there. Here’s what Guy Kawasaki suggested to high school seniors and job seekers during CXOtalk:

“Your Facebook page should show you rebuilding a church in Guatemala; it should show you winning the award for the best robotics project; on the award podium as the women’s lacrosse team captain. So when the sly admissions officer or HR person does their Google research, they come away saying, ‘Wow, this person is a saint! We need to hire her.”

We need to remember just how powerful our digital footprint can be in both good and bad ways. Read the whole article here.

13 million Facebook users have never enacted any privacy settings

In a warning to anyone who is on Facebook or anyone who is blase about their privacy settings, this article from The Huffington Post (US) claims that 13 million Facebook users have never enabled any privacy settings.

With Facebook’s 1 billion active monthly users, 28 percent of them are reported to share all, or almost all, of their wall posts with an audience wider than just their friends — whether they know it or not. Additionally, 11 percent of Facebook users said that someone else has tried to use their login without their permission.

If you’ve yet to enable privacy settings or haven’t reset them in a while, now is the time to do so. Read the whole article here.