Get your job through social media

The Huffington Post recently reported how valuable social networks are in helping users gaining employment.

Why not use online social networking and your digital footprint to help get your next job? Put your best achievements out there. Here’s what Guy Kawasaki suggested to high school seniors and job seekers during CXOtalk:

“Your Facebook page should show you rebuilding a church in Guatemala; it should show you winning the award for the best robotics project; on the award podium as the women’s lacrosse team captain. So when the sly admissions officer or HR person does their Google research, they come away saying, ‘Wow, this person is a saint! We need to hire her.”

We need to remember just how powerful our digital footprint can be in both good and bad ways. Read the whole article here.

Study finds inappropriate Facebook updates cost jobs

CBS News (USA) is reporting that ill thought out and inappropriate social media updates are costing people jobs.

24 year old Ashley Payne didn’t know that a festive photo of her holding both a pint of beer and a glass of red wine would lead to her losing her high school teaching job.

However, the ill advised use of social media is also denying some applicants job interviews:

According to a new report, turning down young job candidates because of what they post on social media has become commonplace. The report, by On Device Research, states that 1 in 10 people between ages 16 and 34 have been turned down for a new job because of photos or comments on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites.

Employers googling job candidates is the new normal. Constant self filtering is now required at all times.