How to hide your Facebook profile from Google search

Did you know that you can hide your Facebook profile from search engines like Google and Bing? This recent post by Leonie Smith, AKA the Cybersafety Lady explains it all and shows you how to do so in two easy steps.

It’s a handy way to keep some control over your privacy, but be warned, you will still be searchable from within Facebook.

Read the whole post here.

Facebook reverse tagging approval

Yesterday, ‘The Cybersafety Lady‘, aka Leonie Smith, alerted the world to the fact that Facebook has again changed their photo tagging policy. Previously you could modify settings so that tagging was not allowed by others.

She explains

The recent change is a bad change for privacy, you can now be tagged in a post or on a photo before you give approval.

The only thing you can do now if you have tagging approval enabled in privacy settings is prevent that particular post with the tag showing up on YOUR timeline, but only after it’s already gone out. You can also, as previously allowed to, go to the picture or post you are tagged in, and request the tag or picture is removed, (see below instructions) but as it says below, that tag may still show up elsewhere. The only way you can securely remove the tag, because you now cannot stop auto tagging, is if you go to the owner of the post and request to have the

tag removed, or report it as being abusive, which you probably don’t want to do if the person tagging you is a friend! It also appears there is no longer tagging approval allowed for posts, we are now getting automatically tagged in text posts. You used to get a message to approve tagging in a post before it appeared but now you just get notified you have been tagged. If you want to remove your name when its tagged in a post,  you can click the top right hand cross of the post and it will give you a drop down option to report and remove tag, this option used to be at the bottom of the post next to share.

Read the whole post here. The Cybersafety Lady’s blog is an excellent resource to follow.

Facebook and backstabbing

Recently Leonie Smith, aka the Cybersafety Lady, wrote an excellent post about former friends and lovers backstabbing on Facebook. As she explains:

It used to be that when you had a disagreement or an argument with a friend, the worst that could happen is that they would “bad mouth” you behind your back…. With the advent of… social media, there are some very big changes to our personal and professional relationships occurring. Sustaining a long term healthy friendship or partnership whilst engaged online can be a minefield if you let good judgement be taken over by anger, impulsiveness, and the perceived power of the internet.

This post is well worth reading, not only for teenagers who may backstab their ‘frenemies’, but also for adults who are tempted to share their heartbreak or dissatisfaction about partners or friends online…