How Facebook Is Using You to Annoy Your Friends (and How to Stop It)

Recently Lifehacker published a post on how to tame Facebook’s more annoying tendencies. Topics include:

  • EdgeRank: The Math Facebook Uses to Pimp Out Your Likes
  • Facebook Uses You to Help Pages and Brands Find Your Friends and Go Viral
  • Facebook Uses Your Likes to Sponsor Brands, Cluttering Up Your Friends’ Feeds
  • Facebook Isn’t Planning to Stop Anytime Soon
  • The Bottom Line: Just Know What You’re Getting Into
Read the whole post here.

Facebook tracking, even offline

Lifehacker has published a post on how you can opt out of Facebook’s way of tracking you , even when you’re offline. They explain:

Facebook has started working with a data mining service to pair together your email address and other information stored on Facebook with advertising products to see what (and if) you’re clicking on ads… the way this data collection works is that it compares your online data with offline shopping habits. So, the easiest solution to keep it from happening? Don’t use the same phone number or email address on your Facebook account as you do when you sign up for loyalty or discount cards.

Read the whole post here, which also explains how to block  Facebook cookies from distributing your data to third parties.

Facebook’s sneaky changes and how to fix them

A few weeks ago, as reported here, Facebook changed all users email addresses without advising them. It’s not the first time that Facebook have made changes to users accounts without telling them first. The Lifehacker blog has listed six sneaky Facebook changes and how to fix them, including:

  • change of email address
  • your profile being googled
  • app permissions
  • social adverts
  • tagging
  • hidden inbox
Read the blog post on how to fix these issues here.