A sext out of context

Mia Freedman’s article on sexting was published in The Age recently:

Imagine if every dumb, embarrassing and potentially illegal thing you’ve ever done was captured permanently for the public record. In words and sometimes in pictures. Imagine if every journalist, partner, employer, police officer, teacher, political adversary, administrator, public servant and anyone else with an internet connection (including your children or future children) had access to that information in the time it took to punch your name into a Google search. For the rest of your life.

Fortunately for most of us, the idiotic behaviour of our school days endures only in anecdotes, told at reunions or after a few drinks.

But what if they weren’t just funny stories? What if all the stupid decisions we made back then lingered like a virus, infecting every aspect of our future?

Welcome to the reality for children and teens, where everything they do online has the ability to seriously screw with their lives forever.

Read the entire article here.