Twitter changes its rules to help protect users

Twitter has just updated its rules to help protect users from abuse and spam.

Abusive behaviour has been targeted with a new “I’m reporting an abusive user” page:

This makes it so much easier to report abuse than previously. Hopefully, this will also discourage abusers.

How to report abuse or violations on Facebook

Facebook has a Help Centre that enables users to deal with different types of abuse or violations. They include:

Address abuse

Report a violation

Secure a compromised account:

and more. Check this link for all of the ways Facebook can assist if there is a problem.

Online safety resource sheet

The Australian National Child Protection Clearinghouse has recently published a resource sheet regarding online safety. With practical tips for parents on:

  • monitoring
  • protecting
  • teaching
  • learning
  • reporting

as well as a range of national and international resources, this document is well worth a read.