Facebook hands teenagers a megaphone

Recently ReadWrite published a post explaining that Facebook now

…officially wants teens to overshare as well, in ways that might also make them better fodder for advertising.

Facebook announced today that teenage users can now make their posts public on Facebook. Previously, the social network limited users between the ages of 13 and 17 to distributing posts to their extended network—i.e. friends and friends of friends. Teenage users also now have the option to turn on the “follow” setting for their accounts, letting public updates appear in news feeds.

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Do we share too much online?

This article from Media Bistro, written in June, has even more relevance now that the Olympics have concluded for another four years.

A number of Australian athletes (and I’m sure this occurred with athletes from other nations) admitted or were criticised for their overzealous use of social media. So the question is, do we share too much online?

A recent survey of adults in the US saw 90% agree that those who use social media can share too much. Have a look at the infographic on what people share…