Facebook prank lands in court

Recently The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a Melbourne man who falsely advertised a rival’s party via Facebook will face stalking charges, even though the offence occurred two years ago:

A Frankston man in Victoria who narrowly avoided jail after an online party prank backfired has warned of the risks of misusing social media.

What the man thought would be a harmless Facebook hoax led to police intervention and the prospect of jail time and a criminal record when he was charged with stalking two years later.

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Parental stalking online ‘unwise’

Last week, The Age spoke with visiting social media researcher danah boyd about parents monitoring their children’s online activities.

PARENTS should not stalk their children online, warns Dr Danah Boyd, a leading US cyber safety expert visiting Australia to lecture on teens’ online privacy.

But Dr Boyd warns that constant parental online surveillance not only abuses teens’ privacy but also obliges them to forge coded forms of communication online, using in-jokes, shared references and even song lyrics to evade parental scrutiny.

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