Bullying and cyberbullying interactive learning modules for parents

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has developed online interactive learning modules for parents that focus on bullying and cyberbullying.

The bullying and cyberbullying module

developed in partnership with Andrew Fuller, (clinical psychologist and student wellbeing specialist), has been developed to help parents understand, recognise and manage bullying and cyberbullying behaviours.

The cybersafety and social media module

developed in partnership with Susan McLean (cybersafety expert), has been developed to help parents address standards of behaviour in the context of cybersafety and social media.

Two excellent resources for parents.

Creators of abusive websites could be charged

Following on from yesterday’s post where cybersafety expert Susan McLean called on police to charge creators of hate websites, The Age is reporting that police do intend to prosecute where there are grounds.

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Dever said in the past couple of months police had had several pages shut down, including one that was selling guns and drugs, a page full of dead-baby jokes and a page with ”hateful and hurtful comments inciting murder” directed at police.

He said Facebook was ”very co-operative as long as due judicial process is followed”, and was willing to assist police in matters involving material that ”would encourage an act of violence or some illegal act”.

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Police urged to charge and prosecute creators of cyber hate

Former Victoria Police officer and now cybersafety expert Susan McLean has urged Australian police to ‘track down and charge’ people who post hate pages online, The Age reports.

McLean states that

police already have powers to pursue posters of such content. Under section 474.17 of the Commonwealth Crimes Act, it is an offence to use ”a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence”, punishable by three years in jail… ”There have been many cases in the UK where these people have been hunted down and charged and jailed. We need to do that in Australia.”

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‘Sneaky Hat’ Facebook craze investigated

On Tuesday, NineMSN reported on the ‘Sneaky Hat’ Facebook page investigation. Australian teenagers had set up the Facebook page where friends posted pictures of themselves semi-naked and naked.

Cybersafety expert Susan McLean said:

“This is a form of child pornography and they need to realise that the law applies to teenagers just as much as anyone else.

“And aside from that, the people posting these photos better decide quick smart whether they want that picture around when they go for a job interview because it will be around forever.”

Police are now involved and pages are being taken down. However, pictures previously posted could have been copied by anyone globally beforehand.