Tagged wins Silver World Medal at the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards

In October last year, we promoted the ACMA short film on cybersafety, Tagged. Recently Tagged was named the silver medalist at the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards.

ACMA Deputy Chairman Richard Bean said

‘With so many platforms available to communicate with teenagers, it was essential that Tagged was made to stand out and resonate with young audiences. This award is a welcome endorsement of the film and how it addresses serious issues facing young people.’

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When a group of high-school friends post a rumour about a rival it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Cyberbullying, sexting, filmed fights and police action ensue — will these friends avoid being tagged forever?

Developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart program,Tagged is recommended for use with students aged 14 and over.

Tagged is supported by lesson plans and compelling character reflection interviews. It explores themes of personal and peer safety and responsibility that are crucial to maintaining positive online behaviours and digital reputation into adulthood.

It is recommended that Tagged form the basis of discussions with teenagers.

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